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This Savings Challenge Printable Insert is designed to help anyone develop good saving habits and/or save more money.

The Challenge of Saving Money in the Social Media Era

Saving money, in general, isn’t as easy as some would like you to think. In fact, considering all the ads that track us around social media and everywhere else on the internet constantly, it’s no wonder some struggle to save money.

According to a Forbes article, a Federal Reserve Board’s report on the economic well-being of American households found that 40% of Americans don’t have enough savings to cover a $400 emergency.

Now considering a trip to the ER can cost someone over $400 even with insurance (see here and here), the Federal Reserve Board’s report is alarming, to say the least.

Blaming Social Media for Our Inability To Save Money

Why not blame social media?

Sadly, nowadays, it’s easy to blame social media for our problems.

However, it’s better to take responsibility for our inability to save money, while also realizing how the constant exposure to ads purposely designed to encourage us to spend more money instead of saving money negatively affects our saving habits.

Taking Responsibility for Saving Money

Adults take responsibility for their actions. So let’s ignore the noise and be thankful for what we already have. Instead, start taking responsibility for saving money.

Fortunately, this Saving Challenge Printable is designed to help anyone develop a good saving habit and/or save more money.

How To Use This Savings Challenge Printable

By using this Savings Challenge Printable, you decide your savings goal and overall saving plan.

For, instance, will you save $100 or $1,000 using the number of hexagons available – you decide it all with this customizable Savings Challenge Printable.

So start your own savings challenge to help you develop the habit of saving money, or to just help you save more money.


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